Odell Brewing announces limited release Double Dry Hopped IPA

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If you’re a fan of Odell Brewing, then keep reading. The October release you’ve been waiting for is set to arrive all around St. Louis, as well as the other 19 markets Odell beer is available in.

D.D.H. Imperial IPA is a big brew, coming in at 8.2% ABV. Flavors of sweet peach, orange peel, and tropical fruits, D.D.H. Imperial IPA a limited release, and will be available through December, on draft and in 6-pack cans.

Dry-hopping has evolved in the last few years as a way to drastically unlock hop aromas and bring more dimension to American craft beer. Dry hopping is the incorporation of hops into the fermenter. Dry hopping is what will give beers its flavor and aroma.  When dry hopping, there is a port at the top of a fermenter where brewers dump the hops straight into the brew.  This puts all the hops in contact with the wort (unfinished beer), which will extract the flavor and aroma you’ll get out of the beer.

“Many of our IPAs are dry-hopped with several hop varieties,” explains COO, Brendan McGivney. “For D.D.H. we had an opportunity to highlight two of our favorite hops, Chinook and Galaxy and showcase how amazing they are when they’re brought together.”

Chinook is a classic American hop with notes of citrus and pine. Galaxy, a modern Australian hop, boasts notes of passion fruit and peach. By doubling the dry-hop additions in the brew, the essential oils of these complementary hops create an explosive aroma and flavor profile.

Odell Beer is available in dozens of bars, restaurants and bottle shops all across the St. Louis regions.

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