Beer Advent calendars are officially back and ready for ordering

Beer Advent calendars are officially back and ready for ordering

Who couldn’t use a little holiday cheer right about now? To give you that much-needed cheer, we’re alerting you that it’s time to think about ordering your Beer Advent Calendar.

What is a Beer Advent Calendar that you ask?

With a traditional advent calendar, you open up a little door every day from December 1st through December 24th. It’s like a countdown to Christmas. There are usually chocolates or treats, or toys hidden behind each door. In a Beer Advent calendar, however, you’ll find an awesome craft beer behind each door. You can drink ’em however you want. Open the door in the morning before work, stick the beer in the fridge, and have it when you get home. Save them all up and take them to the family Christmas dinner. Give them to your neighbors (we don’t espouse this method, but it’s very commendable and holiday-spirit-y of you!).

There is a catch, though.

You don’t know what the beers are in there.  That’s part of the point, every day is a surprise! Depending on who you order from, you can usually count on a good mix of styles, seasonals, and flavors, and that all of the beers are highly rated, very well respected, and delicious.


Both of the Craft Beer Cellar locations in St. Louis offer an Advent Calendar Box. It’s a full case of 24 individually wrapped and numbered craft beers, each hand-selected by the Beer Geeks at Craft Beer Cellar. The beers range in size from 12oz to 500 ml. The selections in each box are grouped into four 6-packs. Each 6-pack contains one-holiday beer, one limited release beer ($6+ value), and four shop favorites. Each calendar retails for $86.99. Click here for ordering information.


Costco is selling a Brewer’s Advent Calendar filled with 24 German beers. The calendars are created by KALEA and the beers come from privately-owned German breweries. Each has been chosen to pay tribute to craft brewers not normally found in larger supermarket chains. The KALEA Beer Advent Calendar has been on the market since 2010 and has become somewhat of a cult product – it surprises with an assortment of beers that is completely different each and every year. Our “Bierabo”, a subscription-based service that lets subscribers taste 12 different beers from all over the world on a monthly basis.

Expect to find a range of popular styles, including a Pilsner, a Helles Lager, and a Dark Weizen, as well as a German Stout. The calendar retails for $59.99 and is set to officially go on sale today.

Aldi’s will sell limited a beer Advent calendar for the first time.

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