Warm up for MWBBF with the Baller Belgian Beer Blowout Banger!

What the heck is a Belgian style beer?

Unlike other beer styles, Belgian style actually lacks it, meaning there really is no style to define.  There are no set ‘colors’ or ‘ingredients’ or ‘tastes’ but yet you know it when you see it or drink it.

Well, whatever your personal Belgian preference, if you love Belgian beer and you are in St. Louis this week, you’re in luck with two awesome events set for St. Louis Craft Beer Week. This year’s 8th Annual Midwest Belgian Beer Fest is July 27 from 12 pm -4pm at Tin Roof, in downtown St. Louis. But this year you can get warmed up at Craft Beer Cellar South City. The bottleshop and Craft Republic will be tapping some rare releases and sharing out-of-distribution brew that’s destined for MWBBF 2019.

The Baller Belgian Beer Blowout Banger will feature some exclusive beers from Central State Brewing, Pipeworks, Off Color, White Rooster, and at least one other brewery new to Missouri, that I have been asked not to name, but am told you’ll be excited about.

STL Craft Beer Week Kickoff with Cans

2019 St. Louis Brewers’ Picnic



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