Just a friendly Saturday toast to beer socks, because why not!

Beer Of The Week

Do you know how some movie lines just stick with you? Sure, there are classic lines from blockbusters that everyone over 30 should be able to recite, but I’m talking about those remote lines from random movies that, when you hear them, they just wedge themselves into your noggin and stay there until you need it.

For me, one such instance was the film “My Favorite Year,” starring Peter O’Toole, about a soused movie star (O’Toole) turning up for a minor TV show appearance, with predictable mayhem. The first laugh doesn’t come until 20 minutes in, when Benji, played by Mark Linn-Baker watches as the valet opens up O’Toole’s suitcase revealing nothing but booze and socks.

“These must be his drinking socks,” said Benji and from that moment forward, I’ve always known I would need that quote.

Today is the day. Was messing around when I ran into this picture:


Beer socks. Game on.

“When you wear beer socks, you’re advertising your love for two of life’s little miracles: fermentation and fun footwear. This is what our ancestors were searching for when they decided to stop hunting and gathering folks. Now that we’re swimming in surplus wheat to make beer and cotton to make socks, we’ve basically peaked as a society.”

There are actually lots of beer sock sites, but this is one I stumbled onto: https://www.modsock.com/collections/beer-socks and here’s the socks they offer:

Old Arena Lager is Center Ice Brewings tribute to the Blues and the Old Barn

New collab debuting during Great Rivers & Routes Craft Beer Week

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