Beer honoring historic Apollo 11 flight, landing in St. Louis soon

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Lager, the beer that made St. Louis famous, is quickly making its return to my beer of summer. And being that this is my 50th summer on earth, I’m thrilled that Schlafly has decided to honor it as well as that other cool 1969 event, the Apollo 11 moon landing.

Lunar Lager, is a sampler pack of four exclusive lagers, brewed to commemorate the moon landing. From the font selection to the lager styles, the collection celebrates one of the most important accomplishments in American history.

The four commemorative lagers include: Lift-Off Lager, Apollo’s Orbit Black Lager, Moon Walk Dunkel and The Eagle Has Landed American Lager. All will be available at your favorite brewpub this weekend, followed by a general release of the sampler pack in the coming weeks, leading up to the July anniversary of the moon landing.

The packaging showcases a few of the most memorable moments from the historic moon landing through the different lager styles. “Apollo 11 is one of the most exciting feats for humankind, in our nation and beyond, and its impact clearly lives on to 2019,” says Founding Brewer Stephen Hale. “We thought that the 50th anniversary of such a cultural phenomenon deserved a special beer to celebrate so we are releasing four.”

The bottle design and packaging thoughtfully evoke the spirit and pop culture of the 1960s. The fonts were inspired by popular records and albums from the ‘60s as well as the sans serif font, used in popular print ads and science fiction during the era. The square shape around the corners of each bottle label was inspired by the shape of a television screen, a medium through which many Americans experienced the moon landing. Additionally, the colors were inspired by the 1969 Ford and GM automotive paint chips.

Lift-Off Lager (5.5%, 20 IBUs): 

This unfiltered German lager calls back to the moments during one of the most exciting accomplishments in America. The light golden, hazy beer is an ode to the haze that filled the air that day.

Apollo’s Orbit Black Lager (5.0%, 25 IBUs)

Although it’s as dark as the view outside Apollo’s window, this lager is smooth, crisp and drinkable.

Moon Walk Dunkel (4.5%, 20 IBUs)

This dark, malty German lager pays tribute to the two brave men who strolled across the moon 50 years ago. The dark brown lager is balanced in both malty sweetness and hops.

The Eagle Has Landed American Lager (5.0%, 25 IBUs)

Light, golden and refreshing, this true American lager pays homage to the famous phrase that has been cemented as one of the most memorable sayings in our history.

The Lunar Lager variety pack will be available for $13.99.

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