Rockwell’s Byrd Up on the shelf at CBC Clayton

While fun is the order of the day at Rockwell Beer, this team is very serious about their beer. “We pay attention to the smallest nuances to any beer.  We want to try to mimic that water profile, provide a good foundation, use good ingredients and good processes,” said owner Andy Hille.

We can expect innovations from Rockwell Beer for sure, but also beer that will stay true to the style. To the team, brewing comes first, gaining knowledge everytime they brew and learning the quirks.

One of the three beers that Rockwell launched its recent opening with has become one of my favorites and gives me the distinct feeling that it will become a local staple within the St. Louis beer community.

Byrd Up | 5.6% ABV
This dry hopped, rye pale ale is brewed in partnership with local chicken restaurant Byrd and Barrell and brewed to be a friend of chicken, with the rye representing the spice. The beer is low on bitterness and has a bit of citrus and piney from the hops woven in. Built for balance and to be approachable.

You can find Byrd Up right now on the self at the Craft Beer Cellar in Clayton. PRICE: $2.19 / $11.69
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