Happy National Bourbon Day everyone!

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Today is the day we honor the “official” spirit of America.  Bourbon!

I love sipping bourbon.  But what I love equally is learning and talking about bourbon.

Depending on who you talk to, the definition of ‘what is bourbon’ changes every conversation.  I’ve settled on this definition just so my head doesn’t explode.

Bourbon is a whiskey which is only so named if distilled in the United States.  To legally be a considered Bourbon, it must be 51 percent corn, stored in new (not aged) charred-oak barrels and distilled no more than 160 proof and barreled at 125 proof.

This particular whiskey derives its name from the Kentucky county which was established in 1785 and was a large producer of corn. The corn, once distilled, would be put in barrels and stamped “Old Bourbon” and shipped down the Ohio River.

In 1964, a Congressional Resolution designated Bourbon as America’s native spirit. Since then, there is nowhere else in the world that can make a whiskey and call it Bourbon.

Now, we can’t make bourbon here in St. Louis, but we do have some folks making some pretty damn fine whiskey.  One local distillery is even inviting you to a party at the end of the month to celebrate:

4th Annual 630 Day Party
Thursday June 30th, 2016
5 – 9 at StilL 630 Distillery
1000 S, 4th Street, St. Louis, Mo. 63104

Food: 5:30-7pm – Spirits Unveiling: 6:30pm

This year’s party is all about honoring the most famous expedition to come out of this area in our history, the Lewis & Clark Expedition.  The history of this event influenced Weglarz to create a new line of spirit, Expedition Rum.

“The Missouri River is one of our great local natural resources and it’s particularly important as the pathway for Lewis & Clark’s expedition in 1804 that began to map the Louisiana Purchase.  It’s personally precious to me, as a raft guide and general water lover, because it is also the course for the world’s longest and greatest kayak race: the MR 340.  Which I have successfully completed in 2014 and will (foolishly) attempt again this July,” said Weglarz.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 12.49.54 PMCHARITY

With that in mind, StilL 630 is has selected the Missouri River Relief organization as its charity partner for this year’s 630 Day!  They strive to promote, protect, and clean up our great local resource.  A portion of all the proceeds from the event will go directly to River Relief.  Learn more about this great non-profit and how you can make an impact HERE.


630 Day means new spirit releases, and this year takes it up a notch with two new spirits and the triumphant return of an old favorite!

“We will be releasing our inaugural batch of our flagship rum line: Expedition Rum,” said Weglarz.   This pure molasses rum was aged in new oak barrels and then finished slightly in their famed Double Barrel RallyPoint barrels.

In addition , StilL 630 is releasing the second batch of their most award-winning spirit!

“Just like Batch 1, it won’t last long, so make sure you come get it while it lasts,” said Weglarz.


This year, StilL 630 welcomes St. Louis’ own gourmet chocolatier: Rick Jordan!  He has been named one of the 10 Best Chocolatiers in North America by Dessert Professional!  So in-between drinks, get your sweet fix with the best handmade chocolates in the country!

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