(Lots of) Beer + yoga coming together at Centennial Beer Festival 2016

What’s better than enjoying amazing craft beer?

Enjoying that amazing beer while talking about it with the men or women who actually made it.  That’s the basic idea behind the Centennial Beer Festival, now in its 8th year, according to founder Jason Arnold.  The festival is held in the Lafayette Square neighborhood of St. Louis in a restored malt house built in 1876 for the Schnaider Brewery and will feature 80+ breweries and more than 200 beers.

The St. Louis Centennial Beer Festival at the Moulin Events & Meetings, 2017 Chouteau Ave, St. Louis 63103

“What I love most about the Centennial Beer Festival is the opportunity to see friends on the other side of the table pouring the beer,” wrote Arnold  “From owners, to brewers to the ones in the know, it is festival filled with so many faces of community.  Drink up and take it all in.”

While the main beer drinking begins on Friday, the festival actually kicks off on Wednesday with Yoga Buzz to get you stretched out before a special preview of some of this year’s new beers.  The yoga begins at 6pm followed by the tasting which runs till 8pm.

Brewmaster Dinner (Sold Out!) – Thurs, Feb 25th
6-9pm | $69.50 + tax

Beer Tasting and 2nd Annual Home Brewer’s Competition – Fri, Feb 26th  6-9pm | $36.75 + tax
As part of the Friday festival ticket, guests will be offered an opportunity to taste & vote for their favorite Home Brew from a variety of local craftsman. The winning Home Brewer determined by the guest’s votes will have an opportunity to brew a commercial batch of beer with the Brewmaster. The winning beer will be offered at 21st Street Brewer’s Bar with the spring line-up of beers.Beer Tasting – Sat, Feb 27th               

Beer Tasting – Sat, Feb 27th
2-5pm | $39.75 + tax
6-9pm | $39.75 + tax

VIP Tasting Room
Extra $21 + tax
The VIP upgrade is available for Saturday afternoon and evening and features rare, vintage and cellared beer in the Malt House Cellar.  Some light snacks are also included.

Here’s the current pour list for the event.  This list is subject to change

This should work out to be more than 275 beers when it is all said and done.


Abita Amber 24/12 1st Floor
Abita Andygator 24/12 1st Floor
Abita Wrought Iron IPA 24/12 1st Floor
Ace Pear Cider 24/12 1st Floor
Anchor Spring Saison 24/12 1st Floor
Anchor Steam Steam Beer 24/12 1st Floor
Anchorage Brewing Galaxy IPA 12/750 1st Floor
Angry Orchard Variety Pack Variety 24/12 1st Floor
Arcadia Shipwreck Porter 12/12 1st Floor
Arcadia Brewer’s Selection 24/12 1st Floor
Arcadia Loch Down Scotch 24/12 1st Floor
Avery IPA We have in house 1st Floor
Bell’s Brewery Oarsman-Berlinerweiss 24/12 1st Floor
Bell’s Brewery Porter 24/12 1st Floor
Bell’s Brewery Two Hearted Ale-American IPA 24/12 1st Floor
Big Sky Montana Mixer 24/12 1st Floor
Blue Moon Variety 24/12 1st Floor
Boulevard Brewing Irish Ale 1/6 keg 1st Floor
Breckenridge Ophelia-Dry Hopped Wheat 24/12 1st Floor
Breckenridge Vanilla Porter 24/12 1st Floor
Coniston Bluebird Bitter 12/500 1st Floor
Crispin The Saint 12/22 1st Floor
Crooked Stave St. Bretta Autumn-Wild Wit 12/375 1st Floor
Deschutes Black Butte 24/12 1st Floor
Deschutes Fresh Squeezed 24/12 1st Floor
Deschutes Red Chair 24/12 1st Floor
Firestone Walker Double Jack 12/22 1st Floor
Firestone Walker Union Jack 24/12 1st Floor
Founders Porter 24/12 1st Floor
Founders Dirty Bastard 24/12 1st Floor
Free State Mixed Case 24/12 1st Floor
Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat 24/12 1st Floor
Goose Island Honkers 24/12 1st Floor
Goose Island IPA 24/12 1st Floor
Goose Island Ten Hills Pale Ale 24/12 1st Floor
Great Divide Brewer’s Pick 24/12 1st Floor
Great Divide Orabelle 24/12 1st Floor
Hebrew Gift/Variety Pack 16/12 1st Floor
Hoegaarden White 24/11.2 1st Floor
Hofbrau Original German Helles 24/12 1st Floor
Hogans Dry Cider 12/500 1st Floor
Jolly Pumpkin Bam Noir-Black Saison 12/375 1st Floor
Jolly Pumpkin Calabaza Blanca 12/375 1st Floor
Kona Castaway IPA 24/12 1st Floor
Kraftig Light 24/12 1st Floor
Kratig 24/12 1st Floor
Lagunitas IPA 24/12 1st Floor
Lagunitas Lil’ Supin Sumpin Hoppy Wheat 24/12 1st Floor
Lagunitas Nightime Ale Black IPA 24/12 1st Floor
Leffe Blonde 24/11.2 1st Floor
Leffe Brun 24/11.2 1st Floor
Left Hand Brewer’s Pack 1st Floor
Left Hand Nitro Sawtooth ESB 1st Floor
Leinenkugel Variety 24/12 1st Floor
Magic Hat Spring Fever 24/12 1st Floor
Mikkeller Keeper American Pils 24/12 1st Floor
Mikkeller Wit Fit 24/12 1st Floor
New Belgium Folly Pack 24/12 1st Floor
New Belgium Portage Porter 24/12 1st Floor
New Belgium Slow Ride-Session IPA 24/12 1st Floor
North Peak Dubious Chocolate Stout 24/12 1st Floor
Northcoast Old Stock Ale 24/12 1st Floor
Northcoast Pranqster Belgian Golden 24/12 1st Floor
Odell East Street Wheat 24/12 1st Floor
Odell Variety 24/12 1st Floor
Oskar Blues Deviant 24/16 1st Floor
Oskar Blues g’knight 24/16 cans 1st Floor
Paulaner Hefe Hefeweizen 24/11.2 1st Floor
Pilsner Urquell(16oz can) Czech Pilsner 24/12 1st Floor
Prairie Birra-Saison 24/12 1st Floor
Prairie Limo Tint Milk Stout 24/12 1st Floor
Prairie Standard-Hoppy Saison 24/12 1st Floor
Red Hook Longhammer IPA 24/12 1st Floor
Resignation KCCO Black Lager 24/12 1st Floor
Rogue Dead Guy Ale 24/12 1st Floor
Rolling Rock 15/25 can 1st Floor
Sam Adams Rebel IPA-IPA 24/12 1st Floor
Sam Adams Rebel Rider-Session IPA 24/12 1st Floor
Sam Adams Spring Thaw Sampler 24/12 1st Floor
Schlafly Hefe We have in house 1st Floor
Shiner Ruby RedbirdLager w/Texas Grapefruits 24/12 1st Floor
Sierra Nevada Hoppy Lager 24/12 1st Floor
Sierra Nevada nooner-German style Pilsner 24/12 1st Floor
Ska Euphoria Pale Ale We have in house 1st Floor
Ska Rudie 24/12 1st Floor
Southern Tier Live 24/12 1st Floor
Southern Tier 2XIPA 24/12 1st Floor
Southern Tier 2Xpresso 24/12 1st Floor
Spaten Optimator Doplbock 24/11.2 1st Floor
Stella Cidre 24/11.2 1st Floor
Stone IPA 24/12 1st Floor
Stone Pale Ale 24/12 1st Floor
Summit Variety 24/12 1st Floor
Summit Saga IPA 24/12 1st Floor
Theresianer Lager 24/11.2 1st Floor
Theresianer Pilsner 24/11.2 1st Floor
Two Brothers domain du page 24/12 1st Floor
Two Brothers Night Cat We have in house 1st Floor
Two Brothers wobble 24/12 1st Floor
Two brothers heavy handed Cascade 1st Floor
Two brothers heavy handed Chinook 1st Floor
Unibroue La Fin Du Monde 24/12 1st Floor
Unibroue Trois Pistoles 24/12 1st Floor
Weihenstephan Hefe Weiss 24/11.2 1st Floor
Wells/Youngs Banana Ale 24/12 1st Floor
Widmer Upheaval IPA 24/12 1st Floor
Woodchuck Hopsation-Dry Hop Cider 24/12 1st Floor
Woodchuck Variety 6 pack 24/12 1st Floor
Youngs Double Chocolate Chocolate Stout 24/12 1st Floor
2nd Shift Brewligans 1/6 keg Dinner-1
2nd Shift Whitty Femme 1/6 keg Dinner-2
2nd Shift Katy 1/6 keg Dinner-3
2nd Shift Brew Cocky 1/6 keg Dinner-4
2nd Shift Scriderough’s Magpie 1/6 keg Dinner-5
2nd Shift Liquid Spiritual Delight 1/6 keg Dinner-6
2nd Shift Brewligans 1/6 keg Local
2nd Shift Katy 1/6 keg Local
2nd Shift Scriderough’s Magpie 1/6 keg Local
4 Hands Centennial Red 1/2 keg Local
4 Hands PB Chocolate Stout 1/6 keg Local
4 Hands Cast Iron Oatmeal Brown We have in house Local
4 Hands Alter Ego We have in house Local
AB Oculto 24/12 Local
Augusta Brewing Jaded Bitch Imperial Pumpkin Porter Local
Augusta Brewing Shawn’s Fun Beer Local
Augusta Brewing Hyde Park Stout 1/2 keg Local
Bat Creek ? Local
Bat Creek MW Farmer’s Daughter-Blond 1/6 keg Local
Big Muddy Blueberry Blonde Ale 1/6 keg Local
Big Muddy Galaxy IPA 1/6 keg Local
Big Muddy Vanilla Stout 1/6 keg Local
Boulevard Last Splash 24/12 Local
Boulevard Brewing Sampler 24/12 Local
Boulevard Brewing Pop-up IPA 24/12 Local
Carson’s Invader Imperial Wheat IPA 1/6 keg Local
Carson’s Red Dawn (Amber Wheat) 1/6 keg Local
Carson’s RIPA(Red IPA) 1/6 keg Local
Cathedral Square Abby Ale 1/6 keg Local
Cathedral Square Hail Mary 1/2 keg Local
Cathedral Square St. Jewbulation Brewer Bringing Local
Charleville Brewing Tornado Alley 24/12 Local
Charleville Brewing Hoptimistic Local
Charleville Brewing Half Wit Local
Civil Life (Saturday Only) American Brown 1/2 keg Local
Civil Life (Saturday Only) Oatmeal Stout 1/2 keg Local
Crown Valley Big Bison 1/2 keg Local
Crown Valley Coffee Porter 1/6 keg Local
Crown Valley Cider variety 12/12 Local
Excel Eastside IPA 1/2 keg Local
Excel Southside Stout 1/6 keg Local
Excel Winter Warmer 1/6 keg Local
Ferguson Pecan Brown 1/2 keg Local
Ferguson St. Louis Pale Ale 1/6 keg Local
Griesedieck Brothers Unfiltered Bavarian-Style Wheat Local Local
Griesedieck Brothers-ordered  Golden Pilsiner Local Local
Kirkwood Station Midnight Train We have in house Local
Kirkwood Station RIZ 1/6 keg Local
Kirkwood Station Blackeberry Wheat 1/6 keg Local
Kirkwood Station IPA 1/6 keg Local
Kirkwood Station Scotch Ale 1/6 keg Local
Main & Mill Coffee Porter with Mississippi Mud Coffee Local
Main & Mill Farmhouse Wit Local
Main & Mill Green Chile Ale Local
Main & Mill Winter Wheat Local
Margarita/Bud Light Seasonal/mixed case 24/12 Local
Mark Twain Jumping Frog IPA Local
Mark Twain Clemens Kolsch Local
Mark Twain Hucks Habanero Wheat Local
Mark Twain Chocolate Coffe Stout Local
Modern Saison 1/6 keg Local
Modern Citropolis 1/6 keg Local
Modern Deadpan Double Pale 1/6 keg Local
Morgan Street Black Bear or Brown Bear 1/6 keg Local
Morgan Street Pilsner 1/2 keg Local
O’Fallon Hemp Hop Rye 1/6 keg Local
O’Fallon King Louie Stout 1/6 keg Local
O’Fallon Wheach 1/2 keg Local
Old Bakery Beer TBD Local
Old Bakery Beer Porter Local
Old Bakery Beer Wheat IPA Local
Public House Elusive IPA Local
Public House Hide and Seek Hefeweizen Local
Public House Revelation Stout Local
Public House Rod’s Cream Ale Local
Rock Bridge Imperial Milk Stout w Coffee 1/6 keg Local
Rock Bridge Rye You Lil Punk (Rye IPA) 1/6 keg Local
Rock Bridge Tailgate Brown 1/6 keg Local
Schlafly ESB We have in house Local
Schlafly Kolsch 1/6 keg Local
Schlafly Tasmanian 24/12 Local
Schlafly Irish Stout 1/6 keg Local
Schlafly Scotch Ale 1/6 keg Local
Shocktop Shockolate 24/14 Local
Shocktop 24/12 Local
Six Row Double IPA 1/2 keg Local
Six Row Vanilla Porter 1/6 keg Local
Six Row Whale 1/2 keg Local
Square One Light Squared Local
Square One Park Avenue Pale Ale Local
Square One IPA Local
Square One Maple Stout Local
Tallgrass 8-Bit Pale Ale have in house Local
Tallgrass Ethos IPA 24/16 cans Local
Tallgrass Vanilla Bean Buffalo Sweat 24/16 cans Local
Tallgrass  Buffalo Sweat Oatmeal Cream Stout Brewer Bringing Local
Urban Chestnut zwickel 1/2 keg Local
Urban Chestnut cherry thrales 1/2 keg Local
Urban Chestnut Schnickelfritz 1/6 keg Local
Urban Chestnut cider 1/6 keg Local
2nd Shift Liquid Spiritual Delight 1/6 keg VIP
2nd Shift Brew Cocky 12/750 VIP
2nd Shift Liquid Spiritual Delight 12/750 VIP
Avery Salvation Ale VIP
Avery Pumpkyn 24/12 VIP
Avery Czar Imperial Stout 12/22 VIP
Big Sky Ivan the Terrible-Russian Imperial Stout 24/12 VIP
Boulevard Brewing 25th Anniversary 12/750 VIP
Boulevard Brewing Love Child #4 12/750 VIP
Boulevard Brewing Tank 7 1/6 keg VIP
Cathedral Square Grabriel Brewer Bringing VIP
Charleville Brewing Box of Chocolates VIP
Chimay Sampler Pack VIP
Crispin Steel Town 12/22 VIP
Deschutes Dinkle Dopplebock 12/22 VIP
Deschutes Hop Henge 12/22 VIP
Duvel La Chouffe-Belgian Golden 24/11.2 VIP
Duvel Triple Hop 24/11.2 VIP
Excel bruja Pumpkin 12/22 VIP
Founder Imperial Stout 24/12 VIP
Goose Island Class of 88-Belgian Ales 12/25.9 VIP
Goose Island Matilda 24/12 VIP
Humboldt black xantus 12/22 VIP
Lindemans sampler 12/12 VIP
New Belgium Snap Wheat 24/12 VIP
New Holland Dragons Milk ’13 24/12 VIP
North Coast Le Merle 12/750 VIP
North coast old stock cellar reserve 12/500 VIP
Odell Choc Milk Stout 24/12 VIP
O’Fallon Imperial Pumpkin 12/750 VIP
Ommegang Variety 24/12 VIP
Oskar Blues Ten fidy Imperial Stout VIP
Perennial Hommel Bier 1/2 keg VIP
Rogue Double Dead Guy 12/750 VIP
Rogue New Crustacean Barley Wine 6/750 VIP
Samuel Smith Winter Sampler 12/18.7 VIP
Schlafly Grand Cru 12/750 VIP
Schlafly Tripel 12/750 VIP
Southern Tier Choklat 12/22 VIP
Southern Tier Crème Brulee 12/22 VIP
St. Bernudus Gift/Variety Pack 24/333 VIP
Stone Cali Belgique IPA 12/750 VIP
Stone Smoked Porter 12/22 VIP
Stone Sublimely Self Righteous Ale 12/22 VIP
Stone Old Guard Barleywine 12/22 VIP
Straffe Quad Heritage 6/750 VIP
Broadway Brewing TBD

The Centennial is proud to partner with the St. Louis Area Foodbank to raise funds to fee the hungry in our region.