Narrow Gauge closer to moving into new brewery space

Narrow Gauge closer to moving into new brewery space

Narrow Gauge Brewing is inching closer and closer to its long-awaited relocation out of its current home inside Cugino’s Restaurant in Florissant. In a blog post, the brewery announced it was temporarily closing on January 1, 2023, while also suspending online ordering, shipping and curbside service. The moves are being taken as employees begin the transition to their new location.

Owner Jeff Hardesty is expanding the Florissant brewery to its new location at 1545 N Hwy 67, just a few hundred feet west of Cugino’s. The move will double his fermentation space and provide an entirely new experience for customers.

“This will lead to some additional production, which will see its way into distribution,” said Hardesty in 2021. “Expect more lagers and stouts, including barrel-aged varieties.”

The project saw delays and modifications due to utility issues, but construction finally kicked off in September of 2022.

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What you need to know

While the services mentioned above will be suspended, on-site operations will not be impacted during this transition.

“So please continue to visit and support both Cugino’s & Narrow Gauge,” writes the brewery on its blog. “Narrow Gauge merchandise and beer (both draft and to-go) will still be available on-site at Cugino’s. You will also continue to find select cans at retail locations in Missouri.”

Online ordering, shipping and curbside service will resume later in 2023 after the brewery’s new retail space is up and running.

FAQ’s From Narrow Gauge

Q: I placed an online order prior to January 1st, 2023. Can I still pick it up?
Yes, any existing online orders are still good for pickup. Please pickup with 7 days.

Q: Can I still earn and redeem loyalty points?
Loyalty points can only be earned and redeemed on purchases at the Narrow Gauge to-go counter (Open 11-6). Purchases made through Cugino’s will not qualify since their system can not access our loyalty account information. If you have points that are expiring in January you are not able to use due to these changes please e-mail our team.

Q: Can I still redeem an online or physical Narrow Gauge gift card?
Narrow Gauge gift cards can still be redeemed on-site at the Narrow Gauge to-go counter (open 11-6) or they can be used at the new space once open.

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