Schlafly’s Stout Bout returns

Schlafly’s Stout Bout returns

After taking a few winters off from stouts, I’m officially back on board and I must say I’m developing a new appreciation of the style. While I enjoy the big, rare and expensive stouts that many St. Louis breweries create I also just enjoy the style at a price I can also enjoy.

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Schlafly has made big bold stouts for the connoisseur and collector but also has the capability and consistency to produce tasty beers for the everyman. This is why I’m excited about the return of their popular variety pack, Stout Bout! 

The beers that makeup Stout Bout are determined by the crowd favorites at Schlafly’s annual Stout and Oyster Festival in March.

This Year’s Beers

Apart from Schlafly’s Oatmeal Stout, all of the beers are exclusively available in this year’s Stout Bout variety pack.

Mexican Chocolate Stout (6.0% ABV)

A classic American stout inspired by all the characteristics of real, Mexican-style hot chocolate. Creamy, roasty, sweet elements provide a perfect base for the addition of cocoa nibs, which the brewers add directly to the fermenter to age until their finest flavors blend with the stout. The addition of cinnamon adds a kick that balances well with all the flavors in this beer.

Chai Latte Stout (ABV: 6.0%)

A stout with a distinctive boldness of earthy blends of chai spices, coupled with the rich notes of roasted barley and the smooth creaminess of lactose in a sew stout base.

Coconut Coffee Stout (ABV: 5.7%)

This beer combines the aromatic bliss of local Goshen-roasted coffee with the smooth and nutty characteristics of coconut. With just the right balance of dark malts, rich coffee notes, and a sweet coconut finish, this stout will have you dreaming of a tropical oceanfront coffee shop.

The Stout Bout will cost you around $17.99, suggested retail.

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