Deep Sleep Brewing launches new website, big plans for 2023

Deep Sleep Brewing launches new website, big plans for 2023

Based in rural Krakow Missouri, Deep Sleep Brewing Company has never been your normal craft brewery. In fact, they are a brewery that has always had to swim upstream a bit.

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“We have no taproom or storefront, as we only manufacture and distribute our products,” said Owner Nick Lyons.

You see, Lyons is a nurse anesthetist with a passion for brewing craft beer.  A nurse anesthetist is an advanced nurse who administers anesthetics in all practice settings and provides care for all operations or procedures. In essence, Lyons is responsible for making sure patients in his care, as well as the fans of his brewing, enjoy “deep sleep.”

Since opening in 2019, Deep Sleep’s beer has made an impact in the local craft beer scene through creative distribution. I recall pushing Deep Sleep beer when I worked at the Beer Sauce Shop in Ballwin. You didn’t find it everywhere, but you could find it.

But, even as a fan, I never realized Deep Sleep lacked another important part of the beer experience, a website.

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“I’ve needed a website for some time now. One of the most frequent questions I get asked is what’s our website so people can find out about the brewery and our beers,” said Lyons. “I wanted a place for people to go to find out the history of the brewery, explain our model of manufacturing, and distribution, and that we do not have a storefront.

This is why I was surprised when Lyons made the following post on social media:

“We also launched an online store to sell new merchandise! This has been a huge request for sometime. We are not taking online beer orders yet, but may in the future,” said Lyons.

Lyons is hoping the website will be a great resource for people to find out information about the brewery, an avenue to purchase merchandise, join their email list, and an easy way to contact them.
The local pickup for any merchandise will be at a quaint, privately owned bookstore called “Neighborhood Reads” located in downtown Washington, Missouri.
“It’s a great place to visit while you’re there! Again, this will be for just merchandise at this point, not beer pickups. As orders come in electronically, we will either ship the products or have them at Neighborhood Reads for customers to pickup at their convenience,” said Lyons.
Lyons and his team will make revisions and upgrades to the website and store as they go along. One thing they’re already working on is revising a list of locations where Deep Sleep is on draught and a separate list for off-premise consumption retailers.

What’s coming?

2023 will be a big year for Lyons and Deep Sleep, as they plan on having some new barrel-aged beers and ciders.
“We’ll have hard cider that has aged in Augusta Winery Port wine barrels for 18 months, and hard cider aged in rye whiskey barrels 12-18 months,” said Lyons. “We’re also going to have some barrel-aged stouts coming out as well. We made a collaborative Chocolate Imperial Stout with BeerSauce Sunset Hills and Creve Coeur called MAC Daddy. We have already released the unbarreled version and it has done very well. We will release 3 barrel-aged variants of this beer, two bourbons,s and one rye.”
To make room for all these new barrel-aged products, Deep Sleep is offering a special deal on their Forty Winks barrel-aged cider and their barrel-aged imperial stout BIS 40. Buy one get one free until they’re gone! People can contact them, ONLINE, about purchasing.

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