Understanding Perennial’s Blue Origin even if you didn’t get any

Understanding Perennial’s Blue Origin even if you didn’t get any


Perennial Artisan Ales creates so many fantastic beers, it’s hard to make all of them seem as special as they are. If you’re among those who got selected during their random drawing for bottles for Blue Ridge 2022, you’re very lucky.

Originally released in 2019, Blue Ridge is an English barleywine brewed to celebrate marriage in the Blue Ridge Mountains on a perfectly crisp November day.

This new batch has aged for 2+ years in used bourbon barrels that previously held Maman. It is boozy, sticky, and sweet with notes of raisin, caramel, and bourbon-drenched toffee. Think liquid Werther’s chocolate meets bananas foster, a little something cozy to snuggle up to on these chilly, fall evenings if that’s your kinda thing.

Can you still get a taste?

Now, Société du Chêne members will of course receive a bottle, and if you did not get selected in the random drawing, you still have a chance at a tase.

“We will be doing a very small public release through the tasting room this Saturday at noon. Draft of Blue Ridge 2019 and 2022 will be available Saturday at noon until sold out,” said Sydney Brockman, of Perennial.

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