2nd Shift launching small intimate Oktoberfest for first time

If you’re reading this from the U.S., you’re probably not going to make the first day of the 2022 Oktoberfest in Munich. The well-known festival runs Sept. 17 through Oct. 3. With over six million guests a year, the Oktoberfest celebrates Bavarian tradition with delicious food, Munich beer, and countless rides and attractions.

But, you don’t have to travel internationally to enjoy a bit of Oktoberfest. Here in St. Louis, you have multiple options, including one new festival, which is launching for the first time.

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2nd Shift Brewing’s Inaugural Oktoberfest Celebration

2nd Shift Brewing is launching its Inaugural Oktoberfest Celebration on September 24th. This event will consist of two sessions, 12-3 pm & 4-7 pm. With limited attendance for each session, this is sure to sell out fast!

Included in each ticket purchase is wonderful German-style food from 3rd Gear by Bootleggin’, three pours of 2nd Shift Brewing German Style Beers in a take-home mug.

“The annual release of our Oktoberfest Märzen is something our staff looks forward to every year, and with many of our staff having traveled to the actual Oktoberfest celebration in Munich over the years, we thought why not bring the excitement and celebration of Munich’s Oktoberfest here,” said brewery co-owner Libby Crider.

Included in the ticket price are pours of Oktoberfest Märzen Style Lager, OG Haze Craze Hefeweizen, Spiegler Dunkelweiss, and  Kölsch. Cans of beers from the brewery’s regular portfolio will be available for purchase as well.

“We are keeping this celebration small – there are only 150 tickets available per session, making it an intimate experience with staff & guests alike,” said Crider.

Tickets run $25 – $55 and can be purchased online.

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