The story behind the changes for this year’s MWBBF

The story behind the changes for this year’s MWBBF

You may remember fondly one of the most anticipated beer festivals of the last decade known then as the MWBBF. Started by Perennial Artisan Ales in 2021,  the Midwest Belgian Beer Fest focused on regional breweries that featured Belgian-style beers, which are at Perennial’s roots.

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“It was created to celebrate beers that our owners and brewers loved to make and drink, and to share and taste belgian-style ales with breweries who inspire us,” said Sydney Brockman of Perennial Artisan Ales.

MWBBF is back but with a twist.  MWBBF now stands for “Many Winters Between Beer Fests” and is set to return on Saturday, October 29th from 1-5 PM at Perennial Artisan Ales, 8125 Michigan Ave., St. Louis, MO 63111

“We changed it this year because it has become more about getting together with breweries who we have developed strong relationships with, vs where it started, when it was regional and style specific,” said Brockman. “The beers coming to this year’s fest will be a wide range of styles.”

In essence, this beer festival celebrates what’s good about beer. It’s about experimenting, trying, and enjoying new styles, new flavors, and the people we do all this with.

“We are lucky to distribute to and visit many cities in the U.S. and internationally, and we’ve met and tasted beers from wonderful breweries all around. We are very excited for STL to be able to try some beers that don’t normally make it here, and obviously, a few that we all know and love,” said Brockman.

The list of breweries is growing and will include a few wine vendors as well. Here is the current list:


Each year, MWBBF partners with a local charity. This year, proceeds from the fest will be donated to the MO Abortion Fund, whose mission is “to provide public education and support for people needing reproductive health services, primarily by providing financial assistance to Missouri residents who cannot afford the full cost of abortion care.”

Additional information can be found at

In an effort to maximize our donation, we will have a raffle for some awesome prizes as well–so don’t forget to bring some cash!

Food will be available for purchase and provided by Brasas STL.

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