We now have a date for UCBC’s annual Wolpertinger Festival

We now have a date for UCBC’s annual Wolpertinger Festival

After a longer hibernation than usual, the mythical Bavarian creature known as the Wolpertinger, a cousin to the American Jackalope, is ready to make its return to St. Louis. That’s right Urban Chestnut’s annual Wolpertinger beer festival, which usually commences in late January, has shifted back in the calendar to February 19th from 1 pm to 5 pm.

For four hours, thousands of smiling, beer-loving fans will grab their souvenir-tasting glasses and move from booth to booth sampling sometimes as many as four beers from varying brewers all across our area.

As part of the annual theme of the festival, UCBC encourages the attending breweries to bring unique, experimental, and/or special beers while UCBC will pour some of their own special releases, including the anniversary brew, Wolpertinger 2023, as well as some other new and old barrel-aged releases.

“As is tradition, we’ll open up the entire Grove Brewery & Bierhall to guest brewers and festival goers, while also featuring live music from a local brass band(s),” writes the brewery in an email. “The festivities for the day culminate in the Wolpertinger March- a Wolpi-led band parade throughout the entire footprint of the brewery celebrating the spirit & community of craft beer with all in attendance.

UCBC pizza-by-the-slice and other small fare will be available, and of course festival goers are urged to dress like Wolpertinger, where the ‘best dressed’ earn Urban Chestnut prizes and beer.

Tickets are available for purchase online now at Wolpertinger | Urban Chestnut Brewing Co. for $45 per ticket (includes a commemorative glass and unlimited beer samples).

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