4 Hands to release new comic-themed label for State Wide

4 Hands to release new comic-themed label for State Wide

I have often written of my belief that beer labels have become a true new extension of art. The art of the label is no longer an afterthought, in fact, many breweries now craft the beer to go with the label. Artists all across the U.S. who have created work for varying mediums are now finding their work on cans of beer, and the movement is continuing.

In celebration of Free Comic Book Day and as an homage to the superheroes in our community, 4 Hands Brewery has created a new comic-themed label for their popular State Wide hazy pale ale. A percentage of sales will be donated to the St. Louis Public Library on behalf of this project. Expect to see the limited edition can launching Saturday, May 7 for Free Comic Book Day.

“We’re so excited to partner with 4 Hands-on this year’s State Wide fundraising effort,” says Martin Casas, owner of Apotheosis Comics & Lounge. “Raising money for library systems in the state helps true heroes in our community – librarians who provide a vital role of giving families access to education and a world beyond their imagination. As comic book shops, we’re in the same business.”

Beer labels | State Wide

Beer labels | Free Comic Book Day

“Martin approached us with this idea of creating a label to highlight the fun we could have in bringing one of our can’s art to life thru an inspired label,” said Kevin Lemp, CEO of 4 Hands Brewing Co. “We reached out to Jason Spencer with Killer Napkins to take our State Wide art label and use his creativity to create a story on our can. We cannot wait to share what he created with the community!”

Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) has been a tradition in the comic book community for the last 20 years. Each year, hundreds of customers show up to shops and are offered a selection of free comics as a way to bring in new customers young and old. “It’s fitting we are helping raise money for libraries in our state because like FCBD, libraries are often the first place readers discover comics,” said Casas. “Since the pandemic started in 2020, this will be the first year we’ve been able to hold a proper FCBD so this partnership is a great way to bring in a new element and introduce customers to comics.” 

The limited edition can will be available at 4  Hands Brewing Co., local retailers and at Apotheosis Comics & Lounge located at 3206 S. Grand Blvd. and 3359 S. Jefferson Ave. For more information, visit www.apotheosiscomicsstl.com.

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