Millpond’s first “Body Of Water” release set for April 28

Millpond’s first “Body Of Water” release set for April 28

Millpond’s first “Body Of Water” release set for April 28.

The town of Millstadt, Illinois has strong roots as a farming and milling community. At one time the town boasted three mills, and in a rare arrangement, these three mills shared the same millpond.

In communities such as Millstadt, the millpond was a place for fun. During the summertime residents of the community would swim, fish, have picnics, and hold family gatherings at the millpond. In the wintertime, they would skate on the frozen water and sled on its banks. Millponds became the first, defacto, city parks.

When creating the Millpond Brewing & Incubator, owner Bryan L. Schubert wanted the brewery to be “a gathering place” for everyone. That, many would agree, Schubert has succeeded in. That an some really tasty brew.

New Beer Release

Millpond’s historic link to water is the muse for their new “body of water” series of New England Style  IPA’s and Pale Ales. The newest series release, Reservoir is coming Wednesday, April 28th, along with a Gesalzen with Lime, a Gose-style ale.

“We used our go-to NEIPA water profile, changed up the grain bill a bit, and used a different yeast strain which still works well with fruit and citrus-forward hop varietals,” said Schubert. “But in our opinion, it creates a bit of honey-like sweetness during fermentation.”

This beer is double dry-hopped with Citra and Galaxy hops, which means dry hops are added into the fermenter. Dry hopping can give the beer a more expanded or robust flavor and aroma. In this case, dry-hopping takes place twice.

The Label

Millpond’s unique beer labels come from the creative mind of Tim Bottchen, the St. Louis based commercial photographer who has created many of the most recognizable beer labels in St. Louis. Bottchen and Schubert went to college together, and since Millpond’s launch, Bottchen has helped create the artwork for all the labels. Each incorporates different sections of the brewery’s handmade river tables, by changing the color of the epoxy resin section for each beer.

The Name

Schubert has quite a few names already lined up for the “body of water” series. “Reservoirs, as we know, are large bodies of water used as a water source for homes, businesses, farming, and even recreation, a good water source is principal for making beer, so it seemed like a natural place to start,” said Schubert.

Both, Reservoir and Gesalzen with Lime will be available through the brewery’s online store or for pick up at the brewery 308 E. Washington St, Millstadt, IL 62260.

Tuesday-Wednesday: 3p-10p
Thursday-Saturday: 12p-11p
Sunday: 12p-7p

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