Country legend Garth Brooks declares this the summer of “dive bars”


If you have read this blog recently, you’ll know I’ve restarted my series on St. Louis corner bars. Some might call the “dive bars,” but if you do, I hope that the term comes with the accompanying endearment that should go with what a dive bar really is.

A dive bar represents a bygone area, where a drinking man goes to drink and forget his worries. Yes, it’s a sexist thing to say, but dive bars are where hard men go and they are there to drink, and when they’re done drinking, they are either looking to drink some more or take a swing. That image I just described is literally from a bygone era, because today’s dive bars, while hopefully still with the grit on their floors and barstools, are places where you can now go for a brew or crafted cocktail.

Dive bars are bars with an edge, so I was intrigued when I heard that one of my favorite artists was doing his part to keep the ideals of the dive bar alive and well.

Garth Brooks and Seagram’s 7 Crown will extend the celebration of dive bars everywhere this summer and will be encouraging responsible drinking, making sure everyone gets home safely. The American whiskey and the American icon are encouraging consumers to support their local watering holes all summer long while enjoying great music and straightforward, classic drinks—like a 7 & 7— responsibly.

As part of the celebration, the pair have pledged to #JoinThePact to never drive impaired, helping to make our roads safer for everyone. Together, Brooks and Seagram’s 7 Crown have committed to securing 700,000 pledges this summer, via, from dive bar patrons across the country.

Brooks, who recently debuted what is already being called this summer’s anthem “Dive Bar” featuring Blake Shelton, will be popping up at hometown dives across the U.S. for impromptu concerts as part of his summer tour. Fans can tune in to their local country station for tour details and listen to the new single. And all summer long, Seagram’s 7 Crown and Brooks are asking dive bar lovers everywhere to take action at, pledging to never drive impaired, then encourage others to do the same by using #JoinThePact on Facebook and Twitter.

“Dive bars are all about the people inside of them. These people are our family…the ones we can talk to about anything and the dive bar itself is a lot of times, the calm in the storm, our getaway from the daily grind,” said Brooks. “I applaud Seagram’s 7 and share the mission to help our favorite neighborhood hangouts live to see another day. That’s why I urge all my friends to #JoinThePact and pledge to never drive impaired, so together we can keep the celebration going all summer long.”

Seagram’s 7 Crown and Brooks are proud to support Join the Pact, a global mission to help make our roads safer for everyone by reducing road-related accidents as a result of driving impaired. Follow the conversation on Facebook and Twitter with #JoinThePact, and take the pledge to drink responsibly at

“The dive bar continues to be a great, come-as-you-are spot to grab a simple drink with friends. They’re approachable and welcoming, a philosophy shared by Seagram’s 7 Crown,” said Diageo Brand Director Jason Sorley. “Garth Brooks’‘Dive Bar’ just reinforces the love and nostalgia we all share for these beloved hangouts, so it is a privilege to join forces to not only celebrate dive bars but ensure we can all continue enjoying these places together, responsibly.”



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