Newest survey at U.R.B. will run longer and offer more pours

Newest survey at U.R.B. will run longer and offer more pours

If you have not had a chance to try out Urban Chestnut Brewing’s ‘beer survey’, the latest version should entice you to try one out.

The “survey’s” are offered at the breweries Urban Research Brewery, located directly across the street from their Grove Brewery & Bierhall location on Manchester.¬† The idea is simple, you are invited to sample test batches of beer and provide feedback using a digital survey system accessed via any smart device. And you get to do this, while grabbing a slice (or whole pie) of their New York-style pizza featuring seasonal toppings on a naturally leavened pizza crust.

The newest survey is a little different and special! Instead of a traditional three-pour survey for $1, URB is offering five separate $1 surveys that each showcase a special, barrel-aged bier. The survey includes:

  • Tartu¬†– Barrel-Aged Baltic Porter
  • BA Cherry Thrale’s¬†– Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout brewed with Cherries (*small batch 2017 – this is a special barrel-aged version, not the version currently found in our Winter Warmer. Quantities are¬†extremely¬†limited.)
  • BBA Daft (2016)¬†¬†Bourbon Barrel-Aged Barleywine
  • Cuvee de Peche (2017)¬†¬†Barrel-Aged Geuze brewed with Fresh Peaches (*small batch 2017)
  • Mercator¬†¬†Barrel-Aged Flemish Red Ale

For $1 each, you can receive a 4oz goblet pour of any of these beers (or sample all of them for $5)!

This survey will also run through the holidays – for three weeks instead of two – until January 4th (or until supplies last). Evaluate the flavor, aroma, and mouthfeel of each beer, paying careful attention to the characteristics imparted to each during the barrel-aging process.

2 thoughts on “Newest survey at U.R.B. will run longer and offer more pours

  1. I was in StL a month ago with one objective Рto go to URB. I went on Monday afternoon, after checking to make sure they’d be open that day. Apparently they opened at 3, I showed up at 5. They were closed. There were a few people inside, all of whom watched me try in vain to open the door, then sat and watched as I re-checked the hours on the door and my phone, before eventually giving up and going across the street. Super disappointing.

    1. That is horrible. If you don’t mind, I’d be happy to share your experience with my contacts at URB. They should know what happened to a customer. But if you’d rather I not, I won’t. Jordan

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