These 18 Missouri wineries make pairing wine and pizza easy

These 18 Missouri wineries make pairing wine and pizza easy

Recently, I found myself home alone.  The kids were at camp and my wife took off early for New Orleans where I would meet her for our summer break.  I used to do well on my own, but now I don’t think I do. I used to go out and do stuff, now when I’m home alone, I just stay and binge watch TV and order pizza.

The pizza is good.  I have no problem with delivery, but something made we wish for more. So I did some research about where one can find really good, homemade, wood-fired pizza and good beer and wine.

Courtesy: Missouri Wine

Today, we’re tackling wine and pizza in Missouri, where we have more than a dozen options.

There are more than 130 wineries to discover across the state. You can find anything and everything you’re looking for somewhere in Missouri wine country. If you’re a pizza fanatic, you’re in luck! At these 18 wineries, you can enjoy delicious pizza paired with handcrafted local wines. Is your stomach growling just thinking about a cheesy slice of wood-fired pizza and a glass of rich, earthy Chambourcin?

If you’re a wood-fired pizza fan, check out these wineries…

Arcadian Moon Winery & Brewery in Higginsville (available seven days a week)

La Bella Vineyards & Winery in Wellington (check their site for dates available)

St. James Winery in St. James (available through the spring and summer at their wine and beer garden)

The Barrens Winery in Perryville (available on Saturdays throughout the summer)

Van Till Family Farm Winery in Rayville (available Fridays and Saturdays on their heated patio)

Viandel Vineyard in Mountain View (pizza served alongside live music spring into fall)

Villa Antonio Winery in Hillsboro (Their dough and sauce are made from family recipes tracing back to Italy!)

From gourmet flatbreads to gluten free options, these wineries are perfect for pizza lovers…

Augusta Winery in Augusta (available at the wine garden April through October)

Balducci Vineyards in Augusta (your choice of thin crust or deep pan are available)

Belmont Vineyards in Leasburg (offers a selection of seasonal pizzas and a build your own option)

Chaumette Winery in Ste. Genevieve (gourmet flatbreads that will not disappoint)

Les Bourgeois Vineyards in Rocheport (the brie flatbread is delicious, but keep an eye out for specials at the bistro on weekends)

Meramec Vineyards in St. James (“Pizzah” at their Wine Down Fridays and special events)

Montelle Winery in Augusta (The Klondike Café makes all their pizzas fresh to order, and that view!)

Mount Pleasant Estates in Augusta (the Appellation Café serves flatbreads April through October)

Noboleis Vineyards in Augusta (delicious offerings and gluten free options are available)

Sand Creek Vineyard in Farmington (perfect for thin crust fans)

White Mule Winery in Owensville (available Saturday evenings January through March)