The perfect beer for this weekend’s Cupid Crawfish Boil

The perfect beer for this weekend’s Cupid Crawfish Boil

When you’re from St. Louis and you fall in love with a New Orleans girl and her father tells you to “suck the head or starve,” it can be interpreted many, many ways. ¬†Luckily for me I knew exactly what he meant, grabbed my plastic plate, filled it with a pound or more of steaming hot, red mudbugs and my life would never be the same.

Now 30 years later, and believe me, literally hundreds upon hundreds of pounds of crawfish, I like to think I know a my way around a boil. ¬†Especially when it comes to what beer to drink when I’m sitting down and getting down to business. ¬†Because sucking heads and pinching tails – the entire process is serious business. ¬†The business of the most fun “process” food in the world.

This weekend, on the Saturday before Valentines Day, The Demo on Manchester in The Grove neighborhood is hosting an all you can eat crawfish boil with draft beer provided by 4 Hands, Modern Brewery, and Urban Chestnut. All for $20.

Now the fun part. ¬†Not knowing exactly what each brewery is bringing to the party, we’re going to offer you suggestions on what to drink and what not drink based on their beer menus.

What to avoid
I’m suggesting you avoid stouts and porters or any beers that are wintery, heavy and could have a roasted taste. High alcohol content beers should also be avoided. ¬†With the spice and salt from the actual crawfish boil, you’ll be swigging a lot and getting too tipsy too fast will cause you eat less and who wants that. ¬†Avoid beers that are bitter and stay away from IPA’s which will overpower and cleanse your palate of the cajun flavoring and again, you don’t want that.

What to drink
There are plenty of¬†appropriate styles. Pilsners are amazing¬†as are¬†pale ales, blondes, or wheats.¬†We’re betting that the experts at each brewery know this, so here’s the list of beers from each brewery that we hope each are bringing to the party:


10842176_1092956677398126_8235845824476294409_oSingle Speed
An American blonde ale that is soft and delicate, brewed with pilsner malt and jasmine flower.

Contact High
An exciting wheat ale. A spring and summer seasonal with a big citrus aroma.

City of Dreams
A generously-hopped American Pale Ale. El Dorado, Centennial, and Amarillo hops lend this beer a bright, citrusy aroma with hints of tropical fruit. These mouthwatering hops are balanced by a smooth malt base, resulting in a flavorful and well-rounded summer beer.


Their flagship lager is smooth-drinking and not overpowering.  It will be perfect.

Could the be the most perfect crawfish boil beer.  UCBC describes this German pilsner as having been brewed to celebrate the idea of community and socializing.  Done!

To many crawfish lovers, a saison is also another “perfect” beer for the boil. ¬†This farmhouse ale is a tribute to our beloved city.


10906279_1030837113598820_3178563286387248537_nThe Heeler
Described as an American Pale Ale made for drinking with your best 4-legged friend.  With that said, it is perfect to drink while eating your best clawed friends.  Big flavor and a nose full of pine and citrus will providing a mouthfeel with silky smooth texture for this balanced but hop forward beer.

Ms. Sally
Despite a slightly bitter finish, this beer will sit well with you during your feast.  This pilsner style is slightly lighter in body and color.


What: Cupid Crawfish Boil

Where: The Demo, 4191 Manchester Avenue

When: Saturday, February 13 @ 4:00