New STL blog seeks to end the horror of incorrect ‘beer & movie’ pairings

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Have you ever had one of those moments when you run across a great idea and you think “Damn, why didn’t I think of that?”  That is exactly what happened Saturday morning when I received a Twitter follow from @CinemaCicerone.  The handle said it all to me:  Movies – Beer.  Done.

What a great idea!  Take two of the greatest things ever and combine them into a mashup of great beers paired with great and sometimes not so great movies.  Awesome!

But the best part of visiting @CinemaCicerone was discovering that the blog was being created right here in St. Louis.   Dustin Martin, who is working his way to becoming an official Cicerone, happens to be the beer manager at the Randall’s Wines & Spirits in Manchester.

“But talking about beer all day at work and drinking beer most nights at home was not enough for me, so I decided to start writing about beer, too,” said Dusin.

But beer alone could not fulfill this aspiring writers creative flow.  “I had the thought to write about something else I’m passionate about: movies.  Better yet, how to bring the two together.

The result has become fun, snackable reads that cleverly match up craft brew with movies.  Genius.

Here’s a few examples.  2011’s “Thor” with locally brewed “4 Hands War Hammer. ” The 1988 classic “Dead Ringers” with Jeremy Irons paired with “Evil Twin & Beaverton XXX Imperial Mild.”  Martin playfully offers his reasons for why he paired these two together while offering up clever quips from the living legends attached to the films as well as the type of beer info the drinker may want.

You can find more of Dustin’s beer and movie pairing at his site: Cinemacicerone.  He posts every Monday.  Or find him featured here on Drink314.

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