3 Thanksgiving cocktail recipes from Gamlin Whiskey House

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Thoughts of Thanksgivings used to bring back memories of coming home from college, touch football games with high school friends, camp reunions and connecting with family.  It’s such a cozy holiday – cool temps outside, warm and comfortable inside, football on the big screen, a table full of food and a bar at the ready.

Ah, the bar.  Funny how now that is what I think about when I think about Thanksgiving.  What will I drink before eating?  What will I drink while eating?  What will I drink after I eat and before my nap?

To take my options to the next level, we asked the good folks at The Gamlin Whiskey House in St. Louis’ Central West End for their ideas for a few whiskey cocktails that would be great to enjoy this holiday weekend.

In the fall, we like to reach for warm, spicy flavors, and you’ll see those featured in these three easy to make cocktails below.  Pick your favorite and try one, or two or all three.  Then make sure to Tweet a picture to us and The Gamlin Whiskey House to show us your versions.  Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

The Hot Toddy: Red Stag Hardcore Cider bourbon and honey make this toddy a year-round classic

Hot Toddy (1)

The Real McCoy
: Royal Canadian Whisky, allspice dram and pineapple

The Real McCoy (1)

Canadian In Cider: Crown Royal whiskey and sparkling apple cider


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