Schlafly debuts 3 new beers for lovers of the hazy

Schlafly debuts 3 new beers for lovers of the hazy

It’s no secret that I love a good hazy. The reason I love the New England Style IPAs is simple. I love the flavor that a good juice bomb delivers. I love discovering if the juice is balanced with the hop bitterness as well as if it will drink with a bit of thickness.

Apparently, my friends at  Schlafly Beer have been paying attention because today they are releasing of a new variety pack, Hazed for Days, with three exclusive brews that expand the hazy repertoire from just IPAs.  Along with Mighty Haze Double IPA, you’ll find Lightly Hazed Lager and Wavy Hazy Citrus Wheat, all joined by the year-round beer Just a Bit Hazy IPA.

“This new variety pack represents the work we collectively do at Schlafly – from our beer ideation process to our pilot system trial brews, to pub-only batches, to being part of our full distribution portfolio,” says Schlafly Head Brewer, Jared Williamson. “All four beers traveled through our internal process before making their way into the Hazed For Days pack. Each step of the process is important, and it’s exciting to see what started out as obscure little beer ideas now all grown up and getting shipped out to all our various markets.”

The Beers

  • Mighty Hazy Double IPA (ABV: 8.0%): Our popular year-round IPA, with all its juicy hop flavor, gets turned up for a double IPA with tropical aromatics that come from new-school American hops: Strata and Idaho 7, and the classic Chinook. This creates an even bigger hop-and-haze experience for the drinker. 

  • Lightly Hazed Lager (ABV: 4.5%):  A classic Keller Pils style brew that features Michigan-grown Grunegiest hops, which were first bred at the Hop Research Center in Hüll, Germany. 

  • Wavy Hazy Citrus Wheat (ABV: 4.1%): This wheat beer is fermented with lemon purée which really gives it a bright and tart kick.

  • Just A Bit Hazy IPA (ABV: 5.0%): This IPA continues to be a top seller year-round and features a blend of Citra, Mosaic, Sabro, Amarillo, and Cascade. It’s all about the perfect blend of hops that gives this the right amount of haze, aroma, and juicy hop flavor.


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