Stouts and donuts are a reason to party with White Rooster Brewing

Stouts and donuts are a reason to party with White Rooster Brewing

I used to think of Stouts as winter beers, but let’s be honest Stouts are pretty much year-round now. That said, I do enjoy a good heavy stout more in winter than at any other time of the year. I think White Rooster Brewing located in Sparta Illinois agrees, as they are inviting all of us over for their Stout Fest on January 21.

Stout Fest 2022

White Rooster Brewing’s Stout Fest is not only a celebration of winter beers but donuts as well. The festival is in partnership with Nettie’s Donuts, the local shop next door to the brewery.
“The idea for Stout Fest actually came from my business partner Michael Deutschmann,” said Eric Ogilvie one of three owners of White Rooster. “We chose January for two reasons.  One, what is better to drink in the winter than a stout?  Two, the goal is for us to have an event for every season which we now do.”

Ogilvie, Deutschman and partner Chris Van Horn opened the brewery in 2018 after years of home brewing together. Early on they became well known for their sours and farmhouse style ales and of course Stouts.

What to expect

Stout fest will run all day on January 21st, beginning at 8 a.m. and running till the beer and donuts are gone. There is no cover charge, and all the brewery’s taps will be taken over by a series of different stouts that they are brewing. They will also have other styles of beer available.
Stouts can be purchased as 5 oz pours, 10 oz pours for imperials and 14 oz for the other stouts.  Prices will vary but imperials will cost the most.
“Last year when we did this the donuts sold out fairly quickly, so if one wants a donut I’d suggest getting here early,” said Ogilvie.
Live music will also be on tap.
“We have a few musical acts this go around. Ahna Schoenhoff is set to play first thing at 8 am. Then the return of Ethan Taylor Stephenson that evening at 7,” wrote the brewery on social media.
Singer/Songwriter Ethan Taylor Stephenson will be returning to our tasting room on January 21st to perform Americana/Roots tradition music from 7pm to 10pm.

Pairing Hint

While we don’t know yet which donuts Nettie’s is bringing, we do know from past experience that any donuts involving berry flavors will really go nicely with any stout. The berry flavors will linger on your palate and will go nicely with any stout, especially ones with hints of chocolate or coffee.

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