Understanding Urban Chestnut’s Oktoberfest token system

Understanding Urban Chestnut’s Oktoberfest token system


Urban Chestnut Brewing Company’s annual Oktoberfest St. Louis returns for its 12th year. This year’s celebration will be held at the brewery’s Grove Brewery & Bierhall location in the Grove Neighborhood. The two-day festival begins on Friday, Oct. 7, and continues on Saturday, Oct. 8th. On both days the beer flows from noon to 11 p.m.

The Grove-Style Oktoberfest Celebration will of course feature German Food, amusements, and entertainment. More information to come including a stage schedule, Oktoberfest Menu, and Festival Map.

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Understanding the Token System

Entry is FREE at Oktoberfest St. Louis. Festival-goers may buy a filled, souvenir 1-liter stein and pours via the Festival Token System.

Festival Token System:
As in years past, UCBC will be employing a Token System for customers to purchase beers & steins.

Why?  You ask.  Well…
First and foremost, the Token System is all about efficiency. Exchanging tokens for biers & steins vastly speeds up the transaction process at the bier pouring stations, reducing time spent waiting in line.  No credit cards or cash will be accepted at the bier pouring stations.

How does it work?
Upon entering the festival, ID/Token stations will be set up where your ID will be checked, and tokens may be purchased.

The tokens, which will be exchanged for bier & steins at the bier pouring stations (in lieu of credit card or cash), will also act as verification that your ID has already been checked, which will allow you to forego the need for your ID to be checked every time you purchase a beer.

UCBC will have (5) ID Check/Token Sales stations located throughout the Oktoberfest footprint:
o   (2) At the entrances to the festival: (1) @ Taylor & Manchester / (1) @ Newstead & Manchester
o   (2) located between the four, main, outside bier pouring stations on Manchester
o   (1) at the front desk as you enter the Bierhall
Please have your ID’s ready. Credit cards are preferred over cash to speed up the token purchase.

For your convenience, all token purchases include Taxes AND a 20% Tip (once again speeding up the transaction process).

What is the cost of the tokens and what can they be redeemed for?
Tokens are good for bier+++ & steins ONLY.  Food may be purchased using credit cards or cash @ the Essen counter in the Bierhall or @ the Food booth on Manchester.  Soda is available in the main Bierhall.

Token exchange is simple:
o   1 token = (1) 16 oz draught pour or (1) UCBC can of beer or seltzer
o   2 tokens = (1) Liter stein fill OR (1) empty 1L commemorative stein

Token Value Packages are available:
     o   The more tokens you purchase (up to 6 per package) decreases your cost per token

Token Value Package Menu:
6 tokens / $39 / includes (1) stein PLUS (2) stein fills OR (6) 16 OZ cup fills / $6.50 cost per token

4 tokens / $29 / includes (1) stein PLUS (1) stein fill OR (4) 16 OZ cup fills / $7.25 cost per token

2 tokens / $16 / (1) stein OR (1) stein fill OR (2) 16 OZ cups / $8 cost per token

1 token / $9 / (1) 16 OZ fill / $9 cost per token

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