4 Hands releases 7th edition in Hazy IPA series

4 Hands releases 7th edition in Hazy IPA series

As a beer lover and not a beer brewer, I arguably have a limited understanding of what hops can do to a beer, the different kinds of hops, and how to really appreciate them. Truthfully I began to consider learning more about hops when 4 Hands introduced their Scale of Complexity series back in August of 2020.  The series is more of an experiment of making the same base beer but changing the hops every edition.

In their most recent SOC edition, Lotus becomes the seventh in the rotating series of hazy IPAs. This beer is heavily dry-hopped with Washington-grown Lotus resulting in a beer with lower bitterness, but massive aromas and flavors of juicy orange, berries, tropical fruit, and vanilla.

Scale of Complexity: What is Lotus?

The first reference we can find for these newish hops is from February of 2019, on the website Hopmeister.

“Lotus™ is our latest experimental hop variety developed under our breeding program to now be commercially available,” said Hopmeister. “Lotus™” is the hottest hop variety to outperform thousands of brothers and sisters born of the initial cross and survive a decade-long journey to become the latest addition to our unique portfolio of exciting new hop varieties.”

Four packs of 16oz cans of Lotus are available at the brewery right now and will be hitting shelves statewide in the coming weeks!

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