Lottery for Narrow Gauge’s Peanut Butter & Stout release now open

Lottery for Narrow Gauge’s Peanut Butter & Stout release now open

Narrow Gauge Brewing Company and its mastermind brewer Jeff Hardesty are responsible for so many of my favorite New England Style IPAs, it makes my head spin. In September 2018, I went as far as to call Hardesty the “Godfather of St. Louis’ Hazy Beer movement.” But today, the Narrow Gauge team is on my mind for 4 new reasons.

This weekend, the brewery announced it would be releasing a series of barrel-aged Peanut Butter & Stout variants later this month.

“If you recall, in December of 2019 we filled 6 barrels with Peanut Butter & Stout (2 barrels each of A, B, & C listed below),” wrote the brewery. 

Bourbon Barrel A featured cinnamon whiskey.
Barrel B featured cinnamon whiskey with vanilla extract.
Barrel C featured cinnamon whiskey, vanilla extract, and maple syrup.
The final bourbon barrel featured a blend of all three.

The single BA variants will be released as a mixed 4-pack of 375ml bottles. Each mixed pack will contain a bottle of each single-barrel variant and a bottle of the blend. Single bottles of the blended variant will also be available. 

To purchase this new series, Narrow Gauge launched a lottery on the Oznr app for both the BA Peanut Butter & Stout bundle and BA Peanut Butter & Stout single bottle blend. To enter the lottery, you must download and use the app.  Items A and B will be released via lottery. Item C will be available for purchase in Oznr on a first-come basis. Pricing will be listed in the Oznr app.

Rules of the Lottery

  • Orders must be picked up curbside March 23rd thru April 4th, 11 AM – 6 PM.
  • Contact us by 5 PM March 18th to be removed from the lottery.

Questions? Text us at (314) 501-6108 or e-mail [email protected].

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