Una Vida Tequila releases “Wake Me Up When Covid Ends” cocktail recipe

Una Vida Tequila releases “Wake Me Up When Covid Ends” cocktail recipe

I’m not going to lie, tequila has not always been my friend.

It started off as a good friend, then sometime in the late 1980s, like only tequila can, it became a bad friend. You could say tequila and I broke up. But, like some break-ups, tequila and I found our way back to each other, and now we are good friends again.

I would actually say, thanks to the pandemic, tequila and I are really good friends.

This past summer, I decided to learn more about tequila and mezcal and began searching for new bottles, new flavors and well, new experiences. I was very happy to discover back in February of 2020, that St. Louis was home to Una Vida, a tequila line from One Life Spirits, a local spirits brand created by Bryce Lob and Zach Conley.

With previous experience in the spirits industry, the St. Louisans booked a six-month trip to Tequila, Mexico to interview distilleries and learn more about the process firsthand. They launched their own spirits company in 2019 and distribute their product throughout the Midwest.

Each week, Una Vida sends out an email honoring Tequila Tuesday and featuring a new St. Louis bartender, who uses their skills to create an cocktail featuring Una Vida Tequila.

This month, Una Vida is featuring a cocktail created by Chelsea Loraine, called Wake Me Up When Covid Ends

Chelsea has been in the industry for over 15 years. She has worked all of St. Louis including places like Mission Taco Joint, Polite Society, and even at the Enterprise Center. Chelsea has helped open 3 new restaurants and bars. She has a passion for bartending and isn’t planning on going anywhere. She loves what she does. Even though 2020 was an extremely trying year she knows it’s just the beginning for her.


Here are your ingredients:

  • 4 muddled raspberries
  • 1 oz serrano syrup
  • .75 lemon juice
  • 1.5 oz Una Vida Blanco
  • .5 oz Zambu
  • Dash of burlesque bitters
  • Shake and strain
  • Top with O’Dells Sippin Pretty

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