Civil Life beer in every “fridge” is now a reality

Civil Life beer in every “fridge” is now a reality

Hopefully, you caught my 2020 preview of the south city staple Civil Life, back in December. 

At the time, Civil Life’s beers were available via cans and distributed to bars, restaurants, bottle shops and grocery stores in Illinois, but in Missouri, their home state, their beer was only available on-premise, which meant at bars and restaurants, the beer had to be consumed ‘on-premise.’

In an interview with owner Jake Hafner, he said the hope was that at some point in 2020, Civil Life will have all the paperwork in place so that their beer will be available in Missouri ‘off-premise.”

That time has arrived.

“Our core beers of American Brown, Rye Pale, Cream Ale and Angel and the Sword, are available in both markets,” said Hafner. “In 2020, on-premise accounts in Missouri will also get access to our Dry Hop Red (Jan), Sarah Lou Brew, a German Wheat (April), Oktoberfest (mid-Aug) and Burton on Holt (late Nov.).”

In addition to beers, Illinois distributors have agreed to a much larger selection for 2020 and will be getting the following beer in cans for on and off-premise. Oatmeal BrownWit BeerVienna LagerDortmunder, Kolsch, ESB, and Porter.

All of those cans will be available at the brewery as well.

I visited Schnucks on Arsenal on Sunday, and they did not have any cans on hand, but I’ll continue the hunt and let you know where we find it.

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