Got that $1,600 you owe me? Bulleit debuts limited edition ‘Art In A Bottle’ collection

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Limited-Edition Bulleit Art in a Bottle Collection - a collaboration between Bulleit, artists Jason Skeldon and Elidea - at Miami Art Week, Available for Purchase Today.

No matter if it’s a bottle of beer or a bottle of wine or whiskey, I appreciate the artistry that goes into all of it.

Label art is art, and the appreciation for it and the artists who create it is growing exponentially everywhere you look. But in reality, I can’t afford most of the best whiskey in the world, and I know I can’t afford art, usually at all, but that doesn’t mean I can’t admire and appreciate it. Such is the case with the new bottles from one of my favorite distillers, Bulleit, as they reveal their limited-edition Art in a Bottle Collection.

The collection is the next installment of the Bulleit Frontier Works project, where Bulleit is once again collaborating with friends on the cultural frontier to push the boundaries of their craft, this time by creating art inspired by innovation.

Bulleit created the art collection, which includes 12 original works of Bulleit Art in a Bottle and two complimentary hand-painted canvases, in collaboration with South Florida artists Jason Skeldon “SKEL” and Elidea.
Both artists are known for their unique artistic visions and use of multiple mediums to create something new.  The collection is available for purchase starting today on, just in time for the holiday gifting season.


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