Descriptions and info on Schlafly’s 10 specialty brews for Stout and Oyster Fest

Descriptions and info on Schlafly’s 10 specialty brews for Stout and Oyster Fest

Schlafly Beer’s 20th annual Stout and continues Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Among the many stouts you can try today, are 10 specialty stouts brewed just for this weekend?

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Here they are:

American dry-hopped stout: We took one of our stout base beers and dry hopped it with Cascade, Chinook, and Columbus. Notes of grapefruit and pungent pine jump out of the glass and are rounded out by the smoothness of a rich stout. 5.8% ABV 50IBU

German dry-hopped stout: This stout is dry hopped with Polaris and Mandarina Bavaria, both hops were developed by the Hop Research Institute in Hull, in the heart of Bavarian hop growing region. Orange citrus and grassy mint notes lead the aromatic charge for the stout. 5.8% ABV 50IBU 

Cherry wood aged stout: English style stout base beer fermented with sweet and tart cherries, then aged on toasted cherry wood. Big cherry nose upfront, with the wood character coming through in the flavor and finish. 5.5%ABV 30IBU

Pecan wood aged stout:¬†Our first ever brew featuring pecans, and aged on toasted pecan wood to enhance the nutty characteristics. A unique nut-forward entry to our long list of specialty stouts that we’ve trialed over the years for Stout & Oyster Fest. ¬†5.5%ABV 30IBU

Peanut butter and jelly stout: American-style dessert stout made with blueberries and peanut butter. Everything you love about the classic sandwich, liquified and lovingly infused into quaffable decadence. 5.7%ABV 30IBU

S‚Äômore stout:¬†Another American-style dessert stout brewed with chocolate and smoked malts, lactose, and aged on cocoa nibs and vanilla. You can taste all the layers of a classic s’more, including the campfire essence.¬†6.5%ABV 30IBU¬†

Coffee Milk stout: Our American sweet stout base blended with a cold toddy of Kaldi’s Schlafly house blend coffee, used at both of our pubs. Balanced and smooth, and a touch on the sweeter side of stouts. 6.2%ABV 25IBU

Espresso coffee stout:¬†The classic Schlafly Coffee Stout we all know and love, but with Kaldi‚Äôs Espresso cold toddy in place of the French Roast. Bold, rich, and awakening, this is one stout that’ll keep you moving throughout the fest with its enhanced caffeine kick.¬†5.7%ABV 30IBU ¬†

Horseradish stout: Condiment stouts started as an inside joke with this beer, but it turns out to pair magnificently with oysters. Fresh horseradish is blended into our English stout and dominates the flavor and aroma. A must try at the festival…so many skeptics were converted last year! 5.7%ABV 40IBU

Tabasco stout: Our newest entry to the condiment stout series, this is a spicy stout that will pair well with all those fresh oysters we have flown in. Assertive pepper spice and acidity cut through the classic flavors of a stout. 5.7%ABV 40IBU

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