4 Hands’ 1220 distillery project, releasing 3 new additions today

4 Hands’ 1220 distillery project, releasing 3 new additions today

When we broke the news last January, that 4 Hands Brewing was adding distilling gin to it’s portfolio, we knew it would not take long for that to expand as well.

In March, we saw the debut of the new gin, 1220, which is a botanical-based distilled spirit.  The first product from this new brand will be a year-round gin called Obscure.

Now, it’s time grow, with 3 new additions to the portfolio.

1220 Barrel Reserve Gin 
A little-known category with big flavor, this gin is made with just 3 botanicals. The secret is in the barrels. Given to us from Big O Ginger Liqueur’s Reserve program, 1220 Barrel Reserve Gin melds with the bite of fresh ginger and spices while resting for 3 months, producing a spirit that is woodsy, spicy, and warming.

1220 Encrypted Vodka
Made from Missouri corn that is 6x distilled, it is then combined with a small portion of California wine country’s finest grape neutral to round out the body and give this premium vodka an exceptional finish.

1220 Single Origin Liqueurs Gift Set
+ Tasmanian Cacao with Hazelnut
+ Ethiopian Coffee with Anise
+ Madagascar Vanilla with Cherry Blossom

All three liqueurs are meticulously crafted to retain the truest flavors. They all weigh in at 25% abv.

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