Tickets still remain for the “new experience” of Summer Fest 2023, Feat. Voltron

Tickets still remain for the “new experience” of Summer Fest 2023, Feat. Voltron

A summer beer festival, hosted by 4 Hands Brewing Company? Well, that surely means the annual Lupilin Carnival is back right? Well, not this year. For the summer of 2023, and in support of their major recent collaboration project based on Voltron, 4 Hands is debuting a new summer experience this weekend: Summer Fest.
But don’t worry, Lupilin is just on hiatus and should be back in 2024.

4 Hands Brewing Co. Summer Fest

Summer Fest will debut on Saturday, June 17th, from noon until 4pm at the brewery with a celebration of live music and libations!

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Summer Fest will feature curated experiences centered around beer, hard seltzers, ready-to-drink canned cocktails and boozy slushies. In addition to 4 Hands and 1220 selections, you will have access to beers from some of the top breweries from mid-Missouri, Kansas City and St. Louis as well as all breweries that will be featured in the Voltron series of beers.

The Voltron Series

Last month, 4 Hands launched a series of new beers inspired by the ’80s animated series Voltron,¬†brewed in collaboration with NBC Universal, St. Louis‚Äďbased World Events Productions, and five breweries from across the country. Each¬†brewery¬†is creating its own recipe, all of which will be brewed at 4 Hands.

The¬†Voltron beers will be released in six volumes over the next two years. Each “volume” will represent one of the Voltron lions. The first “volume” from Narro Gauge is available now.¬† The breweries include:

  • Narrow Gauge(Florissant):¬†The first beer represents the Yellow Lion and is a Double Hazy IPA (7.5% ABV). The beer uses a thiolozed yeast from St. Louis‚Äďbased Omega yeast called “Helio Gazer.” With the addition of citra, mosaic, and galaxy hops, the beer has¬†bursts of passionfruit, guava, and grapefruit. It pours with a slightly hazy body and a huge aroma on the nose.
  • Southern Grist Brewing¬†(Nashville, Tennessee)
  • Hop Butcher for the World¬†(Chicago, Illinois)
  • Tripping Animals Brewing¬†(Doral, Florida)
  • WeldWerks Brewing¬†(Greeley, Colorado)

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Summer Festival Beers

Summer Fest is designed to be a new kind of beer festival, offering “experiences” for the festival goer.
The Voltron Collaboration Experience
All five Voltron breweries will be on hand. This is a great chance to experience the beers from these top craft breweries. 
The Canned Cocktails Experience

Cherry Lime, Lemonade and Lavender, Moscow Mule, Pineapple Punch, Pink Raspberry Lemonade and Watermelon Smash

The Canvenience Store Experience

Fountain Sodie, Super Sodie, Sour Berry Blast and Narwhal’s 1220 Spirits slushies

The City Wide Experience

City Wide APA, City Wide Pils, State Wide, Tidal

The Free Space Experience

Mango Passion Fruit 20mg CBD seltzer and Apricot Elderflower 10mg CBD seltzer

MO Love Experience 

2nd Shift Brewing, Alma Mader Brewing, BKS Artisan Ales, City Barrel Brewery + Kitchen, Logboat Brewing Company, Pathlight Brewing, Side Project/Shared Brewing, The Modern Brewery, Rockwell Beer Company and Waves Cider Company

The Seltzer Bar Experience 

Paddy O’s Punch, Powder Blue Punch, Rainbow Snow Cone, Raspberry Pink Lemonade Push Pop, Sparkler and Tiger’s Blood

Summer Beers Experience 

City Wide APA, City Wide Pils, Foam First, Incarnation, Scale of Complexity, Thiolized Incarnation and Tidal
Summer Food Experience 

Summer Fest will feature food onsite from new partners,¬†Sugar Fire Smoke House, De’Lish Emporium, Ices Plain & Fancy and other local food vendors to prepare tasty snacks available for purchase to keep you going!

Live Music and DJs:
Sean Canan’s Voodoo Players
Moon Valley
Katie Orlando

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