Urban Chestnut brings back Black Lager for limited time

Urban Chestnut brings back Black Lager for limited time

If you’re a fan of lager’s, here’s some news for you. Urban Chestnut is bringing back their Black Lager for a limited time.

Urban Chestnut brings back Black Lager for limited time

When I think of lagers, I think of beer that is lighter, crisper and also has the hue of summer – clear, amber or even lighter in color. But, know these two things; not all lagers are golden or subtle in flavor. Some are dark, full of flavor and can be enjoyed all-year round.

Dark lagers, are sort of the stepchild of the style, underappreciated and frankly not even considered or even known. Brewed with roasted malts, which give them their darker color. They’re fermented with lager yeast, so they retain that snappy, crisp finish synonymous with lagers.

For this beer, Urban Chestnut wanted to create a dark lager, that was refreshing and sessionable, as a way to demonstrate to consumers that darker beers can be lighter bodied, smooth and crisp. Recently the brewery make small batch of Black Lager, and it’s available now.

The Beer

Black Lager is similar to a Schwarzbier but lighter, with minimal ‘roast’ character and bitterness. At 4.7% ABV, this beer is sessionable to be sure.

Tasting Notes

Overall Impression: Smooth, simple, clean.
Flavor: Bready with notes of chocolate
Mouthfeel: Clean, medium carbonation
Body: Light

Yeast: German Lager
Hops: Hallertau Tradition
Malt: German Pilsner Malt, Roasted Malt

Availability: Black Lager is in stores in the St. Louis area beginning right now, and at the Grove Bierhall as 4-packs to-go and as single cans for dine-in this weekend only.

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