Stumpy’s releasing first ever single-malt whiskey

Stumpy’s releasing first ever single-malt whiskey

The local distilling scene continues to excite lovers of spirits and if you are looking for a gateway into the scene, I think I may have it for you. Stumpy’s Spirits Distillery, based in Columbia, Illinois is ready to add to its portfolio, with its first-ever American Single Malt.

From the fresh limestone well water to the grain grown on the land surrounding the distillery, the Stumpy’s experience is all homegrown. “We source nearly all of our ingredients from our 8th generation family farm in Columbia, Illinois,” writes the distillery on their website. “Having full control over the grain we grow allows us to do what others can’t.”

And something Stumpy’s has wanted to do, because they can, was create their own single malt. And now that effort is ready to be released. Old Monroe American Single Malt was made with Stumpy’s first-ever crop of 6-row barley that was harvested right outside the distillery doors. This 100% malted barley whiskey is basically their take on Scotch. But, since they aren’t in Scotland, they, of course, cannot call it Scotch.

Old Monroe Single Malt will be available for a distillery only release on Saturday, September 28 from 12-6 p.m. The public is invited to come and purchase a bottle, as it will not be available at retail locations due to the extremely limited quantity of this whiskey.

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