STL’s vodka with “an attitude” adds new tasting room

STL’s vodka with “an attitude” adds new tasting room

“Making bourbon is about tradition, making vodka is about attitude,” said distiller Greg Deters as we sat sampling and talking about vodka in the middle of the new St. Louis Distillery Tasting Room. ¬†The room, set literally in the center of the distillery operation itself, is now where you and your vodka loving friends can enjoy the growing drink menu featuring locally crafted Cardinal Sin and Cardinal Sin Starka.

IMG_1276The new tasting room¬†is open for private events, but will be open free to the public during two¬†open houses on Sunday, November 22 from 1pm ‚Äď 5pm and on Friday, December 4 from¬†5pm ‚Äď 9pm. Both private events and open houses will feature a behind the scenes look at the distillation process, Q & A session with the¬†distillers and product tasting. Cardinal Sin Vodka and Cardinal Sin Starka are available for purchase.

IMG_1277“Vodka with an¬†attitude?”
A little attitude can go a long way.  This may be especially true in the world of small batch distilling.  There is not much about local distilling that is easy.  From actually creating a business of a distillery to having a product worth making, craft distilling is filled with hurdles, many not found in the craft beer world.

“We went into this with an attitude,” said Deters. ¬†“We’re doing this in mid-life, trying to do something unique and artisan that would push the envelope a little bit.”

IMG_1270Deters and partners Dr. Bill Schroer and Steven Herberhold saw plenty of people starting craft distilleries but they were all doing it the same way, using the same stills, and same techniques, so the trio looked for other, not so well known ways, to make their vodka.

“We¬†found just the right method from a little known distiller down in Florida. ¬†He was using a still made in New Zealand, and we agreed this was the direction for us,” said Deter. ¬† ¬†Then it came time for a name. The wanted to keep it regional, but nothing was working. ¬†Then a patient of Schroer’s suggested the name ‘Cardinal Sin.’ ¬†“It stuck with us because not only was it cool and regional, but also it spoke directly to our attitude.”

“We were literally committing the ‘Cardinal Sins’ of distilling, by not using the traditional European methods, stills and ingredients,” said Deter.

CSV_BlushPunchThe Original: Cardinal Sin Vodka
Cardinal Sin pushes the envelope of craft distilling. The result is a world-class vodka that maintains its ingredient profile. Our toasted two-row barley contributes to the sweet finish and interesting range of flavors that work well in cocktails or by itself.



America’s First Starka Vodka
Cardinal Sin Starka brings the Eastern European tradition of aged vodka to the United States. Cardinal Sin Vodka is placed in new Missouri White Oak Bourbon barrels with a medium char, which transforms the clear spirit to amber and enhances the flavor profile with notes of vanilla, toffee, banana and pepper.

Cardinal Sin Starka can be served neat or mixed in a cocktail that traditionally uses bourbon or light rum.

Starka Stiletto
Fill a cocktail shaker with ice, add 3 oz. Cardinal Sin Starka, 1 oz. amaretto, 1 oz. lemon juice and ¬Ĺ oz. simple syrup. Strain into a martini glass and garnish with a cherry.

The distillery is located at 755¬†Friedens Rd., St. Charles, 63303. For inquiries about hosting a private event at the space, contact [email protected].

Cardinal Sin Vodka and Cardinal Sin Starka are currently available in the St. Louis region at Lukas Liquors, Total Wine & More, Randall’s Wine & Spirits, The Wine & Cheese Place and Bin 51. The vodkas are also available in retail outlets and establishments in parts of Missouri, Illinois and Georgia. Order online through The Wine & Cheese Place.


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